3 Advantages Of Working In The Gig Economy

January 9, 2020 Edward

Gig Economy

In the ever-changing workforce, the “gig economy” has created many new opportunities for a variety of professionals! Referring to the job market where part-time, freelance, and contract opportunities are commonplace, anyone from a Graphic Designer to a CPA can benefit from the gig economy. Whether you no longer want to conform to the daily nine to five grind or want to make your schedule more adaptable to your needs, there are a lot of advantages to this type of work. Here are three advantage to working in the gig economy:

Scheduling and freedom

As a part-time or freelance professional, you get to personalize your own hours to benefit your ever-changing schedule. This can be great for professionals at all career levels. A less experienced professional in the earlier stages of their career, for example, can leverage the gig economy to gain experience and utilize their skillset while going to school to their further their education. For professionals nearing the end of their careers, the gig economy is a great segue into retirement. It helps with rolling back their hours accordingly, while also having a steady and suitable income.

Multiple projects and versatility

The gig economy can be a great career path for those looking to diversify their experience. Freelance and contract roles can allow you to take on multiple projects / jobs as you please while simultaneously gaining valuable work experience in several fields. Working in different settings and industries allows sample-sized experiences for the professional to become familiar within many various work settings. Additionally, it gives professionals the opportunity to gain an extra income to cover everyday expenses without a burdening time commitment. This is especially beneficial for professionals who might be working on a specific passion project or have a side hustle that they enjoy as well.

Build your brand

When you’re a professional of the gig economy, you can technically be your own boss. Without the restrictions of having to fit a specific company’s mold, you can take the time at your own leisure to evolve and adapt your skills according to your own career aspirations. This allows you to build your brand accordingly to be able to excel in whatever field you feel best fits you. This also gives you great, firsthand entrepreneurial experience while managing and selling yourself. Throughout the process of working on different projects at various places, you might find that one specific environment / industry stands out amongst the rest. Pinpointing and expanding on this could be the next step in your career from a freelancer to business owner, if you’re ready to settle down professionally.

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