The 5 Most In-Demand Tech Skills For 2019

November 10, 2018 Christina O'Handley

In-Demand Tech Skills

Technology is always evolving, and job seekers in the tech industry will need to keep up with the latest in-demand tech skills if they want to succeed. As the new year approaches, now might be a great time to reflect on the latest trends in the industry and see what skills you may need to learn to advance your career in 2019

“You’ll need to be aware of the latest skills and find ways to expose yourself to them if you want to succeed in the tech industry,” says Michael Manganelli, Technical Recruiter at ES Technology, a division of The Execu|Search Group. “The best way to learn these skills is by getting hands-on, practical experience. If your company isn’t giving you those opportunities, you should consider going to a company that does.”

Below are a few in-demand tech skills that you need to know about and learn if you want to advance your career in 2019.

Full-Stack JavaScript

JavaScript has always been a popular language for front-end engineering.  However, its popularity has grown as its capabilities on the back end were discovered.  The two most popular JavaScript stacks are commonly known as MEAN and MERN. Both stacks use MongoDB for data storage, Node.js and Express.js on the server-side. However, MEAN uses or Angular.js on the front-end while MERN uses React.js.  Both stacks offer an end-to-end framework for building comprehensive web apps and are made up of open source components.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As many organizations migrate their data over to the cloud, experience with development in a cloud environment is a requirement for most companies. In particular, understanding Amazon Web Services is a necessity. It’s the number one cloud provider and is ten times bigger than its next fourteen competitors.


Known for its simplicity, Python is a programming language that’s easy to learn and has climbed up in popularity over the last few years. Python is a good language to understand not only for web applications, but also as a scientific programming language. Two of Python’s most prevalent uses are for data science and machine learning. As data science and machine learning become more popular, so will the Python programming language.


Another important language to understand for machine learning and data science is R. It’s a highly extensible programming language that provides a variety of statistical and graphical techniques needed for data science. If you work in data science, R is a skill you’ll need to know to move forward in your career.


Scala is a newer back-end technology that is growing in popularity for many technology companies. Many organizations are opting to use Scala over other traditional back-end technologies due to its object-oriented coding and functional programming capabilities, making development and deployment faster for many organizations.

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