Is A Summer Job Search Worth It?

July 1, 2019 Lauren Sobin

summer job search

Now that summer is officially here, you’ve probably got the beach, vacation, and barbecues on your mind. But, what about your job search?

If you are like most professionals, you might not think that a summer job search is worthwhile. Sure, the office tends to be quieter and work hours might be a little more lax. However, that doesn’t mean that hiring managers will put a hold on hiring until fall rolls around.

In fact, a slower workload, Summer Fridays (if you are lucky enough to have them), and today’s candidate-driven job market all make it one of the best times to look for a new opportunity! If you still need more convincing, here are four reasons why you should consider a summer job search.

Less competition

With most job seekers running under the assumption that a summer job search is not a good idea, there is less competition out there. As a result, your resume will likely be closer to the top of the pile—putting you in a more strategic position to get selected for an interview. Sometimes, it’s difficult enough to get your resume recognized, so why not use the summer to take advantage of the smaller candidate pool!

Contract/consulting gigs are abundant

Since employers will need more vacation coverage, you could come across more consulting and contract opportunities during your summer job search. While you might have your eyes set on a full-time job, these seasonal opportunities are certainly worth considering for a variety of reasons. By utilizing the “quieter” summer months, you could be presented with the perfect opportunity to find your “in” at a company of interest.

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More networking opportunities

Warmer weather coupled with a quieter workplace bring more of a reason to rekindle with your network. With more time on their hands, you may find that your contacts are willing to partake in unique networking opportunities such as golf outings or lunch outdoors. Because you’re more likely to find time to meet with potential job connections, you’ll be able to strategically kick off your job search.

Seamless transition and training period

Companies may want to hire during the summer because it can be a less hectic time to train a new employee. While business is slower, companies can focus more on your transition to ensure that you feel prepared for when the busier seasons come. Further, summer is also the perfect time to get to know your new colleagues and mingle with other teams!

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