4 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Mentor

May 9, 2019 Lauren Sobin


When it comes down to it, just about everyone can benefit from a little bit of career advice! Whether you are looking to make a career change or take your skills to the next level, having a professional mentor to help you along the way can make all the difference.

Many experienced professionals would be happy to help someone learn from their experiences and nurture their career. Having a deep-seated interest in your success, a professional mentor can also give you the push you need to tackle that challenging project, work a little harder, or take a risk. Still not convinced? Here are 4 ways a professional mentor can be an asset to your career:

Helps you tackle various career challenges

Whether it’s dealing with complex assignments or managing a team, you will face different challenges throughout your career. In these situations, it can be helpful to have an impartial, 3rd party to turn to. This is where a mentor can prove to be the perfect solution. As an experienced professional, your mentor is likely to have faced similar challenges throughout their career. Having “been there, done that,” they can leverage their insight to help you get through those tricky workplace situations.

Keeps you accountable for your career goals

At times, being disciplined with your duties at work can be easier said than done. However, staying focused and keeping yourself accountable is important if you want to achieve your career goals. Further, talking through these goals with your professional mentor can help you stay on track. Not only can they can help you set new goals as you reach different levels of your career, but they can guide you in building the skillset you need to accomplish them.

Provides a fresh perspective for feedback

Having an outside viewpoint on your general career can be beneficial, especially when you’re consistently surrounded by the same people in your work environment. Since a professional mentor doesn’t interact with you on a daily basis, they may be more likely to provide unbiased feedback. This feedback on areas such as your communication skills, leadership abilities, and technical capabilities can sometimes be better assessed when there are fewer preconceived notions about your performance and attitude at work.

Expands your network

Aside from attending networking events and perusing LinkedIn, it can be difficult to find creative ways to expand your network. Therefore, a professional mentor can be the perfect person to have in your network. Not only can they connect you with people you may not have met otherwise, but they can also facilitate introductions at companies where you may be interested in interviewing with!

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