3 Reasons You Should Not Accept A Counter Offer

Once you’ve decided to accept a job offer, it may be tempting to accept a counter offer from your current employer instead.  However, this decision should not be taken lightly.  Remember that more money will not solve your other problems at work.

  • Poor working relationships
  • Your efforts aren’t appreciated
  • Negative work/life balance
  • Lack of growth opportunities

Here are 3 reasons to reconsider your decision to accept a counter offer…

1. Your Work Relationships May Be Damaged

Even though your manager is fighting for you now, you’ve probably lost their trust.  Plus, if the rest of your coworkers find out, it may affect those relationships too.

2. Other Unresolved Issues May Continue

There are usually several reasons why a professional decides to leave a company.  While higher pay may check off one box, be sure that you don’t forget your other reasons for leaving.  Otherwise you may find that you become unsatisfied again very quickly.

3. Your Employer Still Doesn’t See Your True Value

If it took a resignation for your employer to start praising your performance and offering higher pay, the next time you ask for a raise or promotion, you may not get it.

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