The Cool-Down: How To Unwind After Work

October 27, 2020 Edward Rivera

When finishing up a high-intensity workout, people normally do a couple of easy and simple exercises to help bring the heart rate down and begin to relax the body. Also known as the cool-down, this step is important to help your body and mind transition from one gear to another. This is imperative in exercising but is also a method that can be used to help you learn how to unwind after work. 

After a long day of work, it’s best for a person to unravel themselves from their professional responsibilities with some transitionary activities before reaching total relaxation. Some might simply suggest turning off your computer and phone, but it’s really more than that. 

So if you truly disconnect and want to unplug from the stresses of work, here are some after-work cool-down activities to help put you in relax mode for the evening.

Switch up the outfit

There’s no greater feeling than getting out of your work clothes and slipping into your favorite loungewear to hang around your home. It’s a liberating feeling and really physically symbolizes a transition from work to play. But because of shelter-in-place and quarantine restrictions, many of us have created a work and loungewear hybrid outfit. You may not notice it because of how comfortable you are in your current pajama and big t-shirt combination, but staying in these clothes in a way drags the musk from work into your leisure time. To truly decompress and switch into a different gear focused on your mental health for the evening, try and designate certain clothing for work-time and you-time by making a habit of changing in and out of both on a daily basis. It’ll go a long way and lighten your mood.

Close your eyes

If you want to be at peace after a long day, you have to truly disconnect from your mediums of work. Put down the phone, step away from the blue screen, and find a place of comfort in your home. If a nap is in the books, set an alarm for 45 minutes and drift away for a bit – any longer and you’ll risk a groggy evening that’ll put you in a less than ideal mood. If napping isn’t your thing, try heavy breathing exercises or meditation. Simply closing your eyes and clearing your mind will help release tensions and stress while recharging your body. 

Recess time

Everyone’s favorite time during elementary school is everyone’s favorite time during the quarantine. After a long day’s work, what better way to ease your mind than by having a bit of fun and being a little active? Whether you’re going for a walk, playing a sport, or exercising and hitting the gym, a little physical activity goes a long way after a day of being mostly stationary indoors. Get after it whichever way tickles your fancy and work up a sweat. And once you’re done with that, hit the showers.

Wash it away

Sometimes a good rinse is all you need. There is something truly therapeutic about jumping into the shower and washing away a day’s worth of sweat, stress, and responsibility. Even if you’re a shower in the morning type of person, switch it up. Treat yourself to a long, warm shower and try to tell yourself that you don’t feel even the slightest bit better after. And if it helps, make it a thing. 

Experiment and enjoy

One major perk of being under shelter-in-place restrictions is the ability to control your daily menu in real-time. Doing meal preparation for dinner during your lunch break can be a gamechanger and, not surprisingly, does wonders for your peace of mind. A hearty, nutritious, and delicious meal is what every person needs after an 8+ hour day of work. Making an effort to try to put something together a couple of times a week is a fun activity to do and will give you something to look to forward to on a nightly basis. Read also: 12 Easy Recipes To Make When Working Remotely 

Prepare for tomorrow

For some, true solace and peace of mind is knowing that everything is ready to go when tomorrow’s workday is set to begin. If this is your cup of tea, then prepare your desk or work station with all the necessary materials you’ll need. Check your calendar and plan accordingly when you’ll be able to take your necessary breaks throughout the day, including lunch. And if this is an activity that you want to add to your regular routine, begin to make lists that help organize and keep you on track for the day’s endeavors. Read also: How To Get Organized At Work 

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