Nursing Demands Are Skyrocketing: RNs, Take Notice

August 25, 2021 Alissa DeMaio

Nursing Demands

The nationwide nursing shortage is not a new topic, but today, the gap feels wider than ever before. Many new and existing trends are driving nursing demands, including:

  • The uncertainty of the Delta variant and increase in COVID-19 infections
  • Vaccine requirements and demands
  • School reopening plans calling for increased safety protocols and more support staff
  • The flu season, which is coming up at a crucial point in our fight against COVID-19

“The demand for nursing candidates is increasing now more than ever as facilities have shifted to address core business needs, while still managing the challenges presented by COVID-19 and other seasonal needs,” says Amanda Cruse, Senior Managing Director within ES Healthcare, a division of The Execu|Search Group. “If you’re a nurse, the career opportunities you have available to you are in abundance, and now is a great time to be on the move or lend a helping hand.”

Whether you want more flexible hours or are interested in breaking into a new specialty—there’s a good chance you can find what you’re looking for in this type of market. Here are three trends we’re seeing:

Fast-track career opportunities

With the demand for nurses being as high as it is, a lot of facilities are being less strict in their requirements across the board—meaning you can land a job you normally wouldn’t be able to qualify for. “Typically, facilities may have required two to five years of experience in a specialty or skillset, but now they are more open to someone with a year or less experience—possibly even a new grad,” says Amanda. If you’re looking to broaden your skills in a new area, you may be able to do so more easily right now and ultimately fast-track your career by stepping up to the plate.

Variety of work settings and flexibility

Nurses are being hired for every type of setting right now. From hospitals and medical practices to school systems and seasonal or pandemic-related projects, work can be found in many areas. “Whether you see yourself in an inpatient or outpatient setting or just want a change of pace, there will be something available right now,” advises Amanda. “Medical practices and clinics that were once closed due to COVID-19, are now open as vaccines become more widely available, hospitals are resuming more normal operations while still taking on COVID patients, and schools are in need of extra hands to prepare for reopening.” Read also: Nursing Demands For School + Flu Seasons

Extremely high demand for hospital nurses

With the Delta variant on the rise, hospitals are beginning to overflow with COVID patients yet again— and are in an especially desperate need for nurses. “The demand for nurses in hospitals in particular has exploded,” says Amanda. To meet demands, hospitals are offering crisis rates to nurses that can lend a helping hand to combat these new COVID challenges and help care for an influx of patients.



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