5 Phone Interview Tips To Help Land The Role

April 27, 2020 Edward Rivera

phone interview tips

Remote work certainly has its perks, but for many of us it also has its challenges. In this blog series, we’ll focus on the home office, discussing ways to adapt, and conquer—both as an employer and an employee. This is post 12 of the series. You can follow the rest of the series and read our past posts here.


We’re currently at a time where video and phone conferences are our most vital, personable resources of communication with coworkers and employers. So what happens when you’ve managed to secure a phone interview with a new company? You adapt!

As a critical part of the hiring process, the initial phone screening is a hiring manager’s opportunity to decide who gets to move along to the next round. Because of this, it’s important to know the key phone interview tips that will help you make it past this initial screening!

Here are five phone interview tips you’ll need to know in order to make it to the next interview round: 

Find your happy place

Doing an interview in the comfort of your own home seems like the most ideal situation, right? It could very well be. However, what you perceive as a suitable location might, in turn, backfire if you don’t take all the possible variables into consideration. If you have children or rambunctious pets, for example, you might want to excuse yourself from a common living area in your home and go into your bedroom or a quieter space. Your backyard might also be a tempting place to take the call, but be cognizant if your home is in a high traffic area. Any distracting background noise may automatically land your resume in the “no” pile! 

Be prepared

Just because you can’t be seen, doesn’t mean you can’t be heard. Having all the materials that you could possibly need for the interview is key. Organize them in an easy to navigate way before the interview and go over where each of the necessary materials are so you won’t sound like you’re fidgeting through a pile of papers. There is no such thing as over-preparing, so everything from your resume to reference letters should be laid out and easily accessible. Being and sounding flustered go hand-in-hand, and you don’t want to be either for a phone interview. 

Listen, learn, and respond

Even though you’re probably excited and want to be as informative and personable as possible, this is an interview. The hiring manager is the ultimate decision-maker, so let them lead the exchange. Since this is an opportunity for the hiring manager to gauge your interest in the company and opportunity, making the effort to listen will go a long way. Be patient and when the time comes, respond clearly and accordingly.

Once it’s time, brag

Your resume got you the interview, but the phone interview is the time to go the extra mile and prove you are the right person for the role.  Don’t be shy about talking about the qualities you have and the work ethic you’ve established that your resume doesn’t explicitly highlight. If you’ve done your research, you should also be able to explain what you can bring to the table, as well as how your experience makes you equipped to help the department accomplish their goals. 

Follow up

When the interview is wrapping up, reiterate your interest in assuming the position and joining the company. Be sure to be gracious and thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to apply for the role. Once you’ve finished the phone call, following up with a thank you email is vital. You may not think this is an important tip, but it’s the icing on the cake for a solid interview. By doing so, you show the interviewer how interested you are in the role as well as your courteous, professional, and motivated nature. Not to mention, it’s also a great opportunity to re-share all your contact information with them and keep your application top of mind.

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