5 Interview Questions To Ask When Investigating A Company’s Culture

August 22, 2019 Christina O'Handley

questions to ask about company culture

Asking insightful questions during your interview is a must if you want to land a new job. Not only is it a time for you to showcase that you’ve done your research, it’s also a time for you to see if the company will be a good fit for your own professional goals. In particular, asking questions surrounding the organization’s culture should be a top priority during the interview process.

However, this should go beyond the simple question, “What is the company culture like?” Why? You’ll only get a response that an employer wants you to hear to sell you on the job. If you want to discover what the company culture is actually like, you’ll need to ask questions that will help you look between the lines.

Here are 5 questions to ask during an interview that will reveal the company culture of the organization:

How long have you and your team been at the company?

Asking this question will help you uncover what turnover might look like at your future employer. If team members have been at the company for several years, that should be a sign that this employer is treating their employees well. However, if you noticed every person you’ve interviewed with is new to the organization, it could be a sign that turnover is high. If that’s the case, you’ll want to follow up with questions on why everyone is fairly new to the organization. This will give you more insight into some of the issues that have made previous employees leave the company.

How has your role at the company progressed during your tenure here?

If you are looking for opportunities to grow in your career, you’ll want to ask every person you interviewed with how they’ve progressed at the company. Once you know if team members received promotions and more responsibilities at work, you’ll want to dive deeper and learn how they got these responsibilities. Was it because someone left the company and they received that person’s workload? Or was it through hard work and/or new initiatives they implemented? Understanding why someone got a promotion or new responsibilities will help you determine the likelihood of your own opportunities for career development at the company.

Why is this position open?

Asking this question could reveal the progression of the role if you do decide to take the job. There are a variety of ways they may answer the question. If the role is open because the previous person got promoted to a new role, you’ll know that the company is open to promoting from within. If the previous person left, you may discover that the role does not have room to grow or has unrealistic expectations to live up to.

What does the team usually do for lunch?

The answer to this question will give you a better understanding of the team’s day-to-day culture. If team members usually eat lunch together, it can showcase that the team not only works well together, but also likes one another. If people usually don’t have time to take a lunch, it may be because employees are too swamped with work or are not as friendly with one another.

Can I take a tour of the office?

You may want to wait until you get to the final stages of the interview process to ask this, but seeing the office can help you identify what the company culture is truly like. There are only so many ways you can learn about the company culture through your questions. However, seeing the way employees interact and evaluating whether employees seem happy or overworked can be the true determining factor if you should take the job offer or continue your job search.

Want to know more questions to ask during an interview? Check out our latest infographic that will walk you through what questions you should ask a potential employer.


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