Didn’t Get A HEDIS Job? How To Get The Right Experience For Next Year

November 22, 2019 Amanda Krebs

hedis job

Heading into 2020, healthcare professionals vying for HEDIS openings have either received an offer or are looking for other opportunities. “With heavy competition around HEDIS positions, there is some disappointment each season,” explains Rebecca Guerrero, an Account Executive at ES Healthcare, a division of Execu|Search. “But all hope is not lost—if a HEDIS job is your goal, there are other roles that can give you the skills and experience that HEDIS employers are looking for.”

As you look toward the next opportunity, Rebecca recommends exploring roles in the following areas:

Case Management

Depending on your personality and skillset, case management may be the path to a HEDIS job for you. “Case management heavily involves working with other people and advocating on their behalf,” explains Rebecca. If you’re a people-person, you’ll not only enjoy this type of work, but you’ll gain the medical records review experience that is highly coveted in HEDIS hiring. “Additionally, case management is a field where you’re able to make a real impact on people seeking medical treatment,” she says. “When you’re able to help people in that way, your work can be very satisfying.”

Utilization Review

Another area where you can gain a lot of experience with medical records reviews is utilization review. “Working on the insurance side means working to both assist the patient and seek to keep costs down for the insurance company,” says Rebecca. “In this type of role, you’ll be very successful if you work well under pressure and possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.”

Between these two paths, there are many different divisions—and therefore, regardless of your background and experience, you may be able to find a role that fits for you. “When you gain the medical records review experience in these areas, you’ll find that you have a strong base of transferable skills when the next HEDIS hiring season comes around,” explains Rebecca. “And who knows—you may even find a more satisfying career path along the way!”

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