How To Spark Creativity While Working Remotely

March 18, 2021 Catherine Tacopina

Working remotely has proven to be beneficial in many areas of workplace productivity, but you may be feeling a dip in your creative energy.  After all, creativity in the workplace is often spurred by the natural connections we have with our colleagues. At a distance, it can be much more difficult to observe, collaborate, and buzz off the energy you may feel in an office setting. However, there are still ways for you to be creative even when you don’t have coworkers around! Here are 5 ways to spark creativity when working remotely:

Eliminate distractions + set boundaries

If you’re working remotely, you may find that you’re more distracted than you would be if you were in an office. Whether that’s being surrounded by more technology, looking after family members, or maintaining chores around the house, it can seem impossible to be creative when you’re dealing with so many distractions. Because of this, you’ll want to take some time to eliminate any and all distractions you may have, as well as set some boundaries while you’re working. For example, set your cellphone to “do not disturb” mode and use online apps that will limit access to websites that aren’t work-related. Not only will this help you be more focused, but not having competing distractions while you’re working will allow your mind to be more creative! Read also: 5 Ways To Set Work-Life Boundaries For Yourself

Initiate brainstorming sessions with coworkers

Being able to bounce ideas off of your coworkers can serve as a major spark for creativity in the workplace. However, not being able to talk with them on a regular basis can make you feel like your creativity has stalled. In order to overcome this, consider setting up weekly brainstorming sessions with your colleagues to go over ideas. Additionally, you can use messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams to quickly bounce ideas off one another. It isn’t the same as being together in person, but having the ability to talk to someone on the fly can help spark creativity, even if you’re working remotely!

Connect with colleagues outside of work

Communicating while working remotely can be challenging, so you may want to consider catching up outside of work hours to enhance communication. If you’re able to see your colleagues in person, make an effort to get together with them outside of work! If that isn’t an option, make an effort to do something fun on Zoom like a happy hour, bake-off, or trivia contest. By keeping your bonds strong in a more social setting, you’ll have an easier time connecting on a project or team brainstorm. 

Finish smaller tasks first

It’s easy to slip into the habit of wanting to finish big tasks first, but sometimes focusing solely on one large project can impede your creativity altogether! In order to free up creative space in your head, tackle smaller projects and daily tasks before you jump into larger and more time-consuming ones. To help you achieve this, put time aside in the morning to cross all of your smaller tasks from your list. That way, you can use the rest of the workday to work on your bigger and more creative projects. 

Change your work environment

Sometimes, a change in scenery is all you need to spark creativity in the workplace! While you may have a dedicated workstation at home that helps you focus, working in the same spot every day can unintentionally cause a lapse in creativity. In order to switch things up and get a creative spark, consider moving your workstation to a different area or think about redecorating your desk. Additionally, consider working outdoors or getting out of the house to get some new inspiration. Having a change of scenery can not only help you be more creative, but it can benefit your mental health as well!

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