Spotlight On Team TESG: The Pollack Twins 

May 1, 2020 Edward Rivera


In honor of “National Siblings Day”, we recently paid tribute to Execu|Search’s favorite set of siblings: the Pollack twins, Arielle and Zack. These two excellent employees, who work within our Healthcare division, also turned 30 on that day, so it was double the celebration. And although they came into this world together (Zack is one minute older), they did not join the company at the same time.

Zack on how this came to be…

“Arielle had been working at Execu|Search for several years and spoke highly of the firm and her coworkers,” Zack recalled. “I was in the midst of a career change and was looking for a new challenge professionally. Arielle mentioned Execu|Search was hiring and insisted I apply!”

Arielle always gets her way…

“For the past few years, I was trying to convince him to apply,” she admitted. “Zack had just moved from Hartford back to Suffern and was looking for a corporate job in NYC. I knew that he would love the company, the culture, and would overall love recruiting. I put him in touch with our internal HR team, and the rest was history!”

A short walk away…

Although the twins were now working for the same company at the same office, they are on two different teams and floors. Arielle is a Senior Director on the Allied team, while Zack is currently an Associate Physician Recruiter. That doesn’t stop them from seeing each other, even if it isn’t often.

“We’ve had lunch maybe once or twice,” complained Arielle. “He doesn’t really take lunch though. Or he just eats at his desk.”

“I actually think I owe her lunch from the last time we ate together,” confessed Zack.

Family matters…

Their lack of lunch rendezvouses, however, doesn’t keep them from contacting each other throughout the day (not telepathically, although there are rumors). The twins are always there to give each other advice about work and even recommend qualified professionals to each other. 

“Many of my candidates have referrals,” Arielle said. “So, I just send them Zack’s way. And if he needs advice on things, I’m always there to help.” 

The camaraderie doesn’t end there. The fraternal tag-team always talk each other up on their family’s group text threads where they brag about things like how many candidates they’ve placed. But like any ol’ family, it always goes back to the same questions.

“Our parents are extremely proud that we have both found careers that we are passionate about,” said Zack. “But the typical question from family always asked is, ‘how often do you see each other in the office?’”

In this together…

The past several weeks have been hectic for a lot of people, especially these two who have been working directly with licensed healthcare professionals to help combat this COVID-19 crisis. Nonetheless, the Pollack siblings have embraced the challenge, put in the extra hours, and continued to put the most qualified people in the right situations to quell this pandemic. 

“I feel very fortunate to be working within Healthcare,” stated Arielle. “I am in awe of how brave our providers are to be working on the frontline of this pandemic.”

Zack added, “As difficult as this time has been for our country, it’s a reminder of how proud I am to be working within healthcare and watching these brave professionals working the frontlines.”

In a time like this, every single contribution counts and the Pollack twins are doing their part to ensure better times ahead. Keep up the great work you two and make some time to get some lunch together when this is all over!

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