3 Ways To Navigate The Hot Accounting + Finance Job Market

December 30, 2019 Stephanie Klemperer

accounting job market

Hiring in the accounting job market is hot, and this trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2020! With this field projected to experience faster than average growth throughout the new decade, now is the perfect time to take advantage of it.

“Economic growth, new IPOs, and advances in technology are just a few factors driving the demand for skilled accounting professionals,” says Michael Cooke, Executive Vice President at The Execu|Search Group. “As these business needs grow, however, many employers are struggling to keep pace when hiring. This means that accountants have found themselves in a unique power position when it comes to their careers.”

This candidate-driven accounting job market is a great sign for the industry, but it certainly creates new challenges for employers and accountants alike. While firms struggle to secure the talent they need, the paradox of choice when it comes to new opportunities can make even the best job seeker feel anything from overwhelmed to overconfident.

Whether you are thinking about making a move now or in the near future, here are three ways to better navigate today’s accounting job market:

Keep an open mind

In a candidate-driven market, accountants certainly have the luxury of choice. However, this can sometimes lead professionals to turn down opportunities too quickly. “It’s an optimal time to be picky, but being too close-minded can ultimately limit your opportunities for career progression,” warns Michael. “There’s only so much you can know about a position on the surface. Instead of turning down a potential opportunity due to something like the title or type of company, I encourage our candidates to take the conversation and learn more about the role.”

Take stock of your long-term career goals

With the demand for accountants at an unprecedented high, you have plenty of opportunities to make strides when it comes to your career goals. To do this, Michael recommends assessing whether your current employer is giving you the tools to advance in your career. “If you feel your growth has stagnated or you have stopped learning new skills, it might be time to explore the finance and accounting job market,” he says. “You should be looking at the big picture and asking yourself: what skills do I want to learn and am I going to learn them here?” The same questions should be asked when assessing new career opportunities.

Have a stellar resume

Having an up-to-date, impressive resume is critical regardless of whether you are actively job searching. “In today’s hot accounting and finance job market, you never know when you will be approached with a job prospect,” says Michael. “As a result, you should be making a consistent effort to keep your resume up-to-date.”

To make a strong impression and get your foot in the door, your resume must also show the breadth of your experience. “The best accounting resume will have a simple, to-the-point format that demonstrates what you can bring to the table based on your specific experience.” Read also: 4 Ways To Make Your Accounting Resume Stand Out

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